Biodegradable Agave Straws

Agave Straws

April 22, 2019/Earth Day – Código 1530, El Tequila Privado, is dedicated to providing the highest quality Tequila and Agave-based products to retailers around the world to help combat the ever growing problem with the use of non-biodegradable straws.



·    Código 1530 is committed to supporting sustainability efforts by offering Agave based biodegradable straws and other products.

·    New bio-based (plant based) straws using Agave Fiber are 100% bio-degradable, made with recycled Agave fibers (bagasse) from the production of Tequila.

·    Agave-fiber straws will begin to naturally biodegrade when disposed of in standard trash.

·    Straws will not wilt or lose shape in beverages like it’s counterparts, made of paper.


“We quickly realized that after harvesting Agave to distill Código 1530 Tequila, the remaining agave was only being used as mulch to top our soil for future plants or burned as a fuel source. We are still using some of the excess agave fiber as mulch, and now have begun producing straws and cups in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. This is a lifesaving program for sea life.” says George Strait, who graduated college with a degree in agriculture before launching his successful singing career.



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